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Feel safe and free on stage


Safety, knowledge and joy within communication


This is what we offer


Paro N. Lyngmo is an educated vocal coach and have many years of experience as a choir director. 

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Our voice is our mirror and we use it every day in several different contexts. 

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Do you take a deep breath before singing, but nevertheless, you still run out of breath before the phrase is over? Perhaps you think it is hard to sing?

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Online course

Imagine keeping your cool, being more calm and experiencing more energy in stressful situations?

Take control of the everyday stress, and you will feel a change. 

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Inspirational talk

Stemmeprakt offers several different inspirational talks regarding communication and personal development.

We customize the presentation to your firms needs.

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Gongbath is a concert, meditation, relaxation and therapy - all at once!

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