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Have you ever experienced not getting your message

across the way you intended?


With "Stemmeprakt" you will learn how to become a confident communicator.

Through "Få det sagt" we help you to develop to be the best version possible.


This is what we offer


Paro N. Lyngmo is educated as a vocal coach and have many years of experience as a choir director. 

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Our voice is our mirror and we use it every day in several different contexts. 

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Do you take a deep breath before singing, but nevertheless run out of breath before the phrase is over? Perhaps you think it is hard to sing?

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Online course

Imagine keeping your cool, being more calm and experiencing more energy in stressful situations?

Take control of the everyday stress, and you will feel the change. 

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Inspirational talk

Stemmeprakt offers several different inspirational talks regarding communication and personal development.

We customize the presentation to your firms needs.

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Gongbath is a concert, meditation, relaxation and therapy - all at once!

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