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Are you used to holding lectures, presentations or inspirational talks? Then this course is for you

A practical course where you can work on concrete preparations for a presentation or a lecture, or to aquire tools that captures your audience even better. You get direct guidance on how to use your body, mind and voice to make your presentation even better.

Themes and exercises:

  • How to make a "dry" theme exciting
  • How to have room for actions and go with the flow
  • Active listening into the audience
  • How to keep the audience's attention
  • How do i come across as a speaker
  • Unpolished and ever more interesting
  • Practical exercises with a competent group
  • Go from being ok with holding a presentation, to be excited about it

It is maximum 7 contestants in the course. This is to ensure quality and that each and everyone get the most out of the course.

The course is beeing held at Stemmeprakt in Storgata 30, in the middle of downtown Bodø. Its a wonderful start of the day to invest a little time to develop once own potential. You will take with you different exercises to help you stay focuses and to have energy throughout the day. 

The course leader is Paro N. Lyngmo, developer of "Få det sagt".

Do you have any questions? Send me an e-mail

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Price: NOK 1490,- (No additional taxes)

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