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Inspirational talk


Paro N. Lyngmo has several years of experience as a inspirational speaker and Stemmeprakt offers several different inspirational talks within communication, use of the voice and personal development.

Stemmeprakt AS holds inspirational talks within:


We adapt the time and content so that you get the most
relevance and benefit from the inspirational talk.


Take contact to order a talk for your business!


«I work as a lecurer at Nord University and has previously held courses in different firms over longer period. I sould have taken the course with Paro a long time ago since it is exactly communication she focuses on. I have wondered how course lecturers gives life to a "dry" topic. Where do they get their engagement from and how do they keep the attention of the audience? Through this course i learned some tools to work with and that I take with me to be a more confident lecturer. 

Paro is a skilled communicator with an engagement for what she does. She is able to give the audience tools within communicating that sticks and that is good to have when the stress gets to much. I can highly reccomend to attend a course with Paro if you want to become a better communicator.»

Best regards Veronica Vassbotn

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