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Do you want new inputs and further development within your choir?

Stemmeprakt creates enhanced joy for singing, competence and provides a new spark in your choir! 

Through simple, understandable and fun actions the choir will develop both within singing techniques and safety/joy with singing.

Paro N. Lyngmo is educated as a vocal coach and has several years of experience as a choir director. Today she directs the businesschoir "Kor sykt!". She has previously directed Bodø Håndverkersangforening, Vokalenseblet AJVE, Tverlandskoret og Chorus Novus. She has also been substituting in differen coirs/project choirs, such as Alle kan synge-koret, Moloklang, Bodø kammerkor and Musicals in Concert. She is in addition sought seminar director. 

With focus on the joy of singing, breathing and increased knowledge, Paro helps the choir open up for for more sound and co-creation. The effect could be additional energy for the sopranos, more timbre for the altos, egalitarianism for the tenors  and a drive for the basses. 

If you do want new inputs and further development within your choir, Stemmeprakt could help you. We work with the basis that you have in your choir.

You can book a seminar for your choir and/or director guidance. Get in contact with us!

Send an e-mail or call +47 971 74 367 for booking/info.

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