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Do you feel comfortable with your own voice? 

Our voice is our mirror and we use it every day in several different contexts. 

You are welcome no matter if your amitions is to be the next big superstar, to explore the potential of your voice or just to sing for yourself!

Many people claim that they cannot sing, but that they still enjoy singing, and are happily singing in the car, shower or home alone. Some say that they believe the ability to sing is something they either have or do not have.

Stemmeprakt works after the philosophy that everyone has a musical foundation and that as long as you can talk, you can sing. Singing is both a part of our culture and everyday life, and a subject that can be thought!

In other words, we bring out your potential and your best voice. 



Price: NOK 795,- pr.singing lesson

Singing lessons that is agreed and booked from time to time. This is a good solution for those who just want some input to develop in their singing or who have a workday that provides a unpredictable calendar. Here you are free to move/cancel the lesson as long as this is done no later than 24 hours before the start of the agreed lesson. In case of later cancellation, the lesson is invoiced in full. (NOK 1190, - for two persons in a singing lesson)

Term agreement

Price: NOK 6290,-

(The payment can be split up, through agreement.)

Teaching every other week on the same day at the same time. No change options for this agreement. This is suitable for those who want to develop your singing voice over time, an has a more predictable schedule.  The semester has 9 lessons. 


Price: NOK 6850,- 

(The payment can be split up, through agreement.)

Flexiterm are the same as term agreements, but with the opportunity to attend at slightly different times from time to time. This is suitable for those of you who know you want to develop your voice over time, but who may be working shifts or for other reasons cannot attend at a spesific time every lesson. If need for change/cancellation of flexi lessons, this can be done with 48-hour notice and requires free capacity.


Send an e-mail or call 971 74 367 for booking/information.

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