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"Få det sagt - med Stemmeprakt"

 Get it said - with Stemmeprakt

Are you easilty hoarse or tired in your voice? It doesn't have to be that way

You can easily learn techniques which prevent voice fatigue, gives you more volume and clearer diction.

Get it said - with Stemmeprakt spans over two course days, and you will be left with new knowledge, exercises and techniques that you can take with you. 

Let your voice be a mirror of what you really want to say. Let the message become clearer and feel even more comfortable with using your voice.

The course is for those who want more room and profit with your voice. It is useful and good for you who use your voice a lot and maybe noticing that you can get tired in your voice after much use.

Among others, it may be appropriate for professionals such as;

  • teachers
  • politicians
  • lecturers

Invest a couple of course days in this and you will be left with value for an entire life. 

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Price: NOK 1490,- inclusive equipment (no additional taxes)

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