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What is gongbath?

Gongbath is a concert, meditation, relaxation and therapy - all at once! A gongbath is a beautiful, meditative experience where you will be bathed in the vibrations of sacred gongs and other beautiful instruments. 

The instruments make sounds most of us have never heard before. Sound is vibrations and hits your entire body for a sound massage. The sounds also force the brain to relax. You lie, or sit, on your mat and relax while the Gongmaster plays.

Join in and let the vibrations rinse through you, cleanse you of stress and tension. For people who struggle to relax, who are unable to meditate because there are too many thoughts, the sounds of the Gongs can be of great help. It fills the whole body so vigorously that it is not useful to resist. Someone even falls asleep.
Some experience intense joy, others experience pain disappearing, some experience deep inner peace. The experiences are individual, and always exciting.

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 “A travel with sound in a timeless space!”

The gong is considered a sacred instrument that holds all the vibrations in the universe! The gong carries the original vibrations of the universe, its tones spans all octaves from the earthly tones and vibrations to the sound of cosmos. The gong master's intention is to bring vitality, love and harmony to everyone who attends. Vibrations from the gong flow harmoniously throughout you. You will be able to feel relaxed and happy for several days after a gong bath.

Our body consists of 78 percent water, and water has a wonderful ability to accept vibrations. The sound of the gong sets in motion calm vibrations in the body. Like acupuncture or point massage, vibrations can affect the circulation in the body. It can dissolve stresses and blockages in the body and can seem de-stressing, improve sleep and improve muscle recovery.

This is a very special experience!


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