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About Stemmeprakt


Stemmeprakt's goal is to contradict the myth that good communication and vocalization is for the special ones. We do this through developing knowledge and competence. You will learn simple tools to use in your everyday life. It is supposed to feel good to communicate!

Everyone communicates. Our voice and our body language is central and it is important that these harmonize with the message we wish to get across. In todays society, the focus has shifted towards the importance of making one self understood and to have strong communication skills, both in our worklife and in our private time. 

Good communiaction in the work place can lead to more efficiency, increased satisfaction and smoother collaboration. 


Is there anything you want to ask us? Contact us! 


To secure the best possible communication one have to be aware of what we say and that it is correlation between words, voice and body language. 

These are skills that constantly can be further developed, regardless of what skills you possess today. 

Stemmeprakt coaches, courses og lecutres in further developing ones own ability to communicate. 

This could be problems such as: 



Paro N. Lyngmo

Paro N. Lyngmo is the manager of Stemmeprakt AS, the founder of the dissemination concept "Få det sagt" and is a breathing expert. With many years of education, experience, errors and success, she is a creative pedagogue who interconnects knowledge and experience from several different fields. 

She has education within psychology, leadership, guidance, music singing and health, and is using all of these elements into her daily work.

Although she is originally educated a classical singer, she has extensive experience in teaching and performing in both pop, folk music and musical.

Paro is passionate to make you a safe and trustworthy communicator. The goal is that you find it nice to use your voice both for yourself and for others.

  • Musical / Artistic means that she teaches in song, directs choirs, produces shows and acts as an artist. In addition, she has 3 releases behind her.
  • Through "Få det sagt" she holds inspirational talks, courses and coaches. 

  • Breathing lessons can both calm down stage fright / fear of speaking and at the same time give you better quality of life. Paro also teaches this in group or individual sessions.



We are located in Storgata 30, 2.etg i Bodø, but we can travel to where we are needed.

Stemmeprakt AS is owned by and is runned by Paro N. Lyngmo

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